Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My crazy piggy

Scruffy is so funny! He's very active! He climbs a lot now and when it is food time or play time he stands on his back paws and chirps very loudly!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


The awesome skateboarding Hurby!

New behaviors!

We have been discovering new behaviors with Scruffy that Hurby never did when he was a baby. Like this one on the pic, he is on his tip toes trying to escape Hurby never could flex that much! He also does something that we thought was so funny! He jumped in the air and sorta threw his leg out and kick Hurby! After that he played for ten more minutes he did it again! Then, my mom looked it up on the computer and we found out it was called a Ninja kick!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Poor poor Darwin. He is dead :( I'm so sad that adorable guinea pig. Do you want to know how?
Well, that same MEAN guinea pig Milo now i was thinking about actually showing him
to all of you but, now i made my decision for sure I will NEVER post him on THIS BLOG! I'm so sorry guys but, no he will not go on my blog just plain old NO! Well, I sorta didn't tell you how he passed. He passed the same way scotter did! Can you belive it! well, i just wanted to tell you.

Meet Scruffy

Scruffy is a great new guinea pig! I love him! He is a wild guinea pig! When all the
treats are gone at play time he goes super crazy he runs back and forth from the treat station
and the kitty cat scratch hide out! (the kitty cat hide out is for cats but we use it for the guineas)
He is so loud whenever we walk past the cage he jumps up and squeaks so LOUD like he thinks
it is play time! And then Hurby gits so exited and talks too! It is so funny!

Monday, October 29, 2012


In memory of Scooter S.

Scooter died very unexpectedly on October, 24 2012. The night before he was very happy,perky, and even playful then normal. Oh, wait i never told you the story of what happened to Scooter in all that time I was not writing. Well, here is what happened. One day I took Scooter and Hurby to play at Darwin and Milo's house. I also never told you about Milo. Milo is Darwin's new brother he is very cute. Back to the story. So, when they went to play we sat them all on a blanket and Milo was acting very maybe mad i guess. He was chattering none stop when a guinea pig would come near him. Well, then they went under the blanket. We let them because they were being really active so we thought that they were getting along and being nice to each other. And then we saw two guinea pigs fighting trying to bite each other and running after each other. So, I quickly put a blanket over them and took each other away. The next day my mom was holding Scooter and noticed a crusty red spot and she asked me to come over and look at the spot and we were wondering what happened and we realized he got a really bad bite on the neck area. So, that is the story. It took 2 weeks to recover we thought but, 5 days later he very sadly died. We were all so heart broken and crying all day. We will always remember my baby boy, Scooter.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The fun of what i did.

Scooter and Darwin have been playing a lot. So, they get along very well! The geese are starting to fly away to Florida because it's STINKEN COLD in Minnesota! My mom saw spider man at Winona Health washing the widows. And we got fish! The white and orange fish is Shelly. The other orange fish name is penny. I have one more named Larry we got him 2 weeks ago in Rochester. It was really fun! We also for lunch went to Wendys! Back too Larry he is a white and orange fish but, he isn't Red Capt. He is a Commet goldfish! His white and orange looks sorta like a jigsaw puzzle. Oh, I almost forgot they have a tiny brother named Pitbull.(He is the tinyest fish in the tank so i wanted him to be the oldest and have a scary name.)(Keep it between me and you. He must never know.)
They also have a buttler named Jeeves. He is a LG eating catfish. He is just a little bigger than Pitbull. So, thats the update. P.S. Sorry i haven't been on in like forever because i've been very busy with school work and we go a lot of fish hunting to get more fish! P.P.S I hope i will right again soon! Oh, yeah also forgot to say this the blue fish is one of my dad's.